1995    BFA, Studio Painting, School Of FIne Arts Of Puerto Rico, San Juan, PR

2017     Resident Artists Exhibition, TBA, Redline Gallery, Denver, CO
2016     Direction/Instruction, Paradigm Gallery + Studio, Philadelphia, PA
             (Curated by Hyland Mather of Andenken Gallery)
2016     Three-Person Show, TBA, Michael Warren Contemporary, Denver, CO
              (with Jenene Nagy and Marietta Patricia Leis)
2016      Skart, Indy Ink, Denver, CO
2016      Site-Specific Art, Doors Open Denver, Redline, Denver, CO
2016      Westword Artopia 2016, Denver City Hall Event Center, Denver, CO
(Curated By JOLT From Guerrilla Garden)
2016      Resident Artists Exhibition, Monumental, Redline Gallery, Denver, CO
              (Curated By Dr. Marisa Lerer)
2015      One Square Foot, Redline, Denver, CO
2015      ArtSlant Showcase,, 2nd Place Award       
2014      One Square Foot, Redline, Denver, CO
2009     Art Intervention, Cognates, Artspace, Hartford, CT
2008     Solo Art Show, AKA Armageddon Exercises, Artspace, Hartford, CT
2008     Art On The Line: Works On Paper, Farmington Valley Arts Center, Avon, CT
2007     Show 4 A Show, Artwell, Torrington, CT
2001      Solo Art Show, High Art At Low Prices!, Institute For Community Research, Hartford, CT
2000     IV National Art Show, Museum of Contemporary Art, San Juan, PR
1999      Development Bank Puerto Rico Art Show, Cuartel Ballajá, San Juan, PR 2nd Place Award
1998      Solo Art Show, Supercalifragilísticoespigalindoso, Centro Estudios Avanzados, San Juan, PR
1997      Untitled, Levitage Art Gallery,  San Juan, PR
1997      Texto, University of Puerto Rico, San Juan, PR
1996      Solo Art Show, La Mancha De La Moncha, San Juan, PR
1995      Graduating Students Exhibition, Convento de Los Dominicos, San Juan, PR
1995      Alfonso Arana Foundation Art Show, Art And History Museum Of San Juan, San Juan, PR
1994      Arte Joven, Citibank Atrium, San Juan, PR
1994      Alfonso Arana Foundation Art Show, Art And History Museum Of San Juan, San Juan, PR

2010       1 HR ART, Neon>Campobase, Bologna, Italy
               (Curated by Viviana Checchia and Anna Santomauro)
2010       1 HR ART, Sabot Gallery, Cluj-Napoca Romania
               (Curated by Viviana Checchia and Anna Santomauro)
2010       1 HR ART, Stanica, Žilina, Slovakia
               (Curated by Viviana Checchia and Anna Santomauro)

2016        (R)Evolver, Redline Gallery, Denver, CO
2001        Las Casitas, Institute Community Research, Hartford, CO
1998        Learn To Preserve, Selected Works From The Learn To Preserve Program Series,
                Fortín Conde De Mirasol, Vieques, PR   

2015        Residency 2015 - 2017, Redline Gallery, Denver, CO
2015        Originals Under $2,000 And Under, (Curated By Rebecca Wilson)
2014        Juror, Selection Committee For Mural, 40 Arts West, Lakewood, CO
2014        Featured Artist Voz Y Corazón, Mental Health Center Denver, Denver, CO
1994        Design Contest For U.S. National Park Service Puerto Rico, San Juan, PR 3rd Place Award

City of San Juan, Puerto Rico
Government Development Bank of Puerto Rico, San Juan, Puerto Rico
Reyes-Veray Collection, San Juan, Puerto Rico

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